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Lottery launched to make pet-friendly emergency shelters a reality

The Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS), the Saskatchewan SPCA, and STOPS to Violence are pleased to announce the launch of the second-annual Working to End Violence 50/50 Lottery.

All three organizations work collaboratively to address Saskatchewan’s high rates of domestic violence with the aim to ensure safety for the whole family, including pets.

Funds raised by the 2020 edition of the Working to End Violence 50/50 Lottery will be allocated toward our goal of making emergency shelters and transition houses pet-friendly, a service not currently available in Saskatchewan.

“We all know that pets are part of the family. When referring to family violence, it’s important to recognize all members of the family, including those with fur or feathers, on two legs or four legs,” explains Josh Hourie, community relations coordinator with the Saskatchewan SPCA. “Our partnership with PATHS and STOPS brings animal welfare and safety concerns to light in a way that shows how animals can be victims of interpersonal violence and abuse.”

According to Jo-Anne Dusel, executive director of PATHS, “Many shelter workers are far too familiar with receiving calls from women experiencing abuse who are unwilling to leave if they can’t ensure their beloved pets will also be safe. Research backs this up. There is a growing movement towards the establishment of pet-friendly shelters and we believe victims of abuse in Saskatchewan deserve that option.”

STOPS to Violence works to bring people and organizations together to network and collaborate to address violence in Saskatchewan. They recognize that addressing violence means working with families and communities as a whole and including everyone that is affected. Their support of the partnership between PATHS and the Saskatchewan SPCA to raise resources to develop pet friendly options in emergency shelters and transition houses is a great example of working together in a solution focussed way.

Proceeds from the first edition of the 50/50 were used to publish Getting Out: A Process Learned from the Courage and Wisdom of Survivors, which is available for download at

Tickets prices are 1 ticket for $10, 4 tickets for $20, 25 tickets for $50, or 100 tickets for $100. To purchase tickets, visit or call 1-833-586-9611. The draw date is October 1, 2020.

About PATHS:

The Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS) is the member association for twenty-one member agencies that provide intimate partner violence services across Saskatchewan. Our members are women’s shelters (also known as domestic violence shelters, safe shelters, transition houses, or interval houses), second stage shelters, and counselling centres that offer counselling and support to survivors of IPV.

About the Saskatchewan SPCA:

Since 1928, the Saskatchewan SPCA has been working to prevent animal cruelty and promote the humane treatment of animals. As the provincial voice on animal welfare, we help build safer, healthier communities. In cooperation with our partners, we raise awareness of the impact of family violence on both humans and animals.

About STOPS to Violence:

Saskatchewan Towards Offering Partnership Solutions (STOPS) to Violence is a province wide network drawing on partnerships, information sharing, and education to promote healthy relationships and build strong, peaceful communities. The STOPS Network is made up of community organizations, government partners, service providers, and individuals from across the province of Saskatchewan.

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