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Journal Article: Animals & IPV - Survivor Survey

The article Intimate Partner Violence, Animal Maltreatment, and Concern for Animal Safekeeping: A Survey of Survivors Who Owned Pets and Livestock, written by the Director of Research and Communications Crystal Giesbrecht from the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS), is now available in Violence Against Women. Read the journal article here. Read the text version of the article here.

An online survey was completed by victims/survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV), living in both urban and rural areas, who owned pets and/or livestock. Quantitative and qualitative data regarding barriers to accessing support and escaping IPV are presented for both pet and livestock owners. Using validated measures of IPV and animal abuse, differences in experiences of IPV are described for victims who had experienced their partners mistreat their animals and those who had not. Recommendations are offered for training, legislation, and pet-friendly domestic violence shelters and rental housing.

This survey was part of a larger mixed-methods study which included interviews with victims/survivors who owned animals, an online survey for the general public, and online surveys for human service and animal welfare professionals. This study is part of a partnership between PATHS and the SaskSPCA.

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