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Journal Article: Animals & IPV - Public Survey

The article Intimate Partner Violence, Animal Maltreatment, and Animal Safekeeping: Findings from a Public Survey, written by PATHS’ Director of Research and Communications Crystal Giesbrecht, is now available in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Read the journal article here. Read the text version of the article here.

The present study examined public awareness of the link between IPV, animal abuse, and the need for animal safekeeping. The study also examined awareness of services and supports and inquired about respondents’ experiences with animal safekeeping in situations of IPV through an online survey that was open to the public. The survey included quantitative and qualitative questions and asked about three types of animals: pets, livestock, and service animals. Respondents were 176 residents of Saskatchewan who live in urban, rural, and northern areas of the province.

Caution: This article contains examples of animal abuse and of people being separated from their animals. These stories can be difficult to read.

This survey was part of a larger mixed-methods study which included interviews with victims/survivors who owned animals, an online survey for the general pu

blic, and online surveys for human service and animal welfare professionals. This study is part of a partnership between PATHS and the Saskatchewan SPCA.

Other published articles include a survey of survivors and surveys of service providers (available here).

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